This year, Khala Pace (Co-Founder) began her first vlog, Y.E.S!. Grow with her as she says "Yes!" daily by sharing both her trials and tribulations but wins and successes alike. Be blessed with comedic relief, joy, but most importantly, transparency. Subscribe to our latest vlogs/ blogs on our Culture Report.

Always say, "Y.E.S!"


A new month brings more blessings, opportunities. The years annual Sisterhood Month theme is, The Gifts of Sisterhood. What ways can you give, honor, and celebrate the women in your life? Join us in the love of sisterhood.

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The #BlackBoyJoy shirt are limited edition products specially designed and produced as our contribution to the #BlackBoyJoy movement. This collection was launched in alignment with The #BlackBoyJoy Retreat held on August 3, 2019. Step into the joy on our products page today!

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