Black Moms Matter

In Malcolm X 1962 speech “Who taught you to hate yourself” he states that “the most disrespected and unprotected  woman in America, is the black woman.” That was in 1962, still in 2018 that remains true. Black women are 3 times more likely to die during childbirth than white women, and the maternal mortality rate in the US in not only the highest out of all other developed countries but it is the only country where rates are rising. 


Black women, black mothers, have always been under attack from the start of the system of black enslavement to segregation that robbed black women the chance of healthy motherhood to Jim Crow-era forced sterilization and inhumane gynecological medical experimentation, black mothers’ human right to have access to quality health care has always been under threat.


To often our mothers are either forgotten or their character is getting assassinated in the media. This shirt was created to affirm that despite the systematic erasure of black mothers, they are still here, in all of their magic, and that without a shadow of a doubt they absolutely MATTER.

Black Moms Matter

  • 100% Cotton


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