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Sisterhood Month!

This years #SisterhoodMonth theme was intentionally chosen in response to the unprecedented circumstances that have taken place throughout this year. Within this month we extend a hand of Sisterly U.P.L.I.F.T as we transition into the final months of this year. Join us as well Unite, Promote, Learn, Improve, and Fortify each other. Together, we will win.  Follow us on social media in support of all things approved. Happy Sisterhood Month!


Recent News

We are proud to announce that our site now includes a Gallery Page. Our gallery includes a photos from our past events we have hosted and attended over the years. Feel free to download your media and tag us on your social media pages with the following:

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Twitter: @cultureapproved

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Current Products

The #BlackBoyJoy shirts are limited edition products specially designed and produced as our contribution to the #BlackBoyJoy movement. This collection was launched in August of 2019 with our annual #BlackBoyJoy Retreat in Oakland, CA. For more information on how to support this necessary movement, check out our Social Change page today. 

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