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Sisterhood Month:

The Gifts of Sisterhood

A new month brings more blessings, opportunities, and for us, the same purpose. As part of our mission to celebrate the true and authentic nature of individuals, we invite you to celebrate the women that make us better everyday. This years annual Sisterhood Month theme is The Gifts of Sisterhood. What ways can you give, honor, and celebrate the women in your life? Join us, in the love of sisterhood ✓

October 1, 2019


#BlackBoy Joy Collection Launch!

Our very first #BlackBoyJoy Retreat was joy-filled to say the least. The event featured a combination of outdoor interactive activities blended with intellectually challenging team building exercises. Young scholars between the ages of 7 and 10 were  grouped into small teams where they played and learned through organized competition, capitalizing on their inherent nature to compete, collaborate, have fun and feed their curious natures. This event is both annual and mobile and will continue to prosper abundantly. Check out the Photo Album to relive the joy from this amazing day. 

August 3, 2019

Sisterhood Month Photo Challenge

During the month of October Culture Approved introduced a new tradition of dedicating the entire month to sisterhood. Our Sisterhood Month Photo Challenge provided the opportunity for individuals to share their unique experiences with sisterhood. As we continue to strengthen our impact by loving and supporting all things sisterly let us remember that sisterhood is a continuous and can be celebrated daily, after all, there is strength in sisterhood. Let's continue to win together!

October 1, 2018


Sunday's should be a day rest and fellowship. Every Sunday Culture Approved shares sisterhood moments on our social media pages. Hashtag #SisterhoodSunday and share with us how you celebrate the beautiful bond of sisterhood!

August 12, 2018

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