Culture Approved is a brand that was created out of understanding our shared childhood experiences. Through fellowship we recognized the comedic similarities amongst our cultural sisterhood. Khala Pace and Corissa Redmond envisioned their brand in the summer of 2017 and were committed to launch by March 2018. Culture Approved demonstrates the ability to transform a dream into a reality. “Our brand is more than a short-term vision, it is our lives, and our futures.”


In addition to the foundational principles of humor, sisterhood, and culture which the brand is founded upon, Culture Approved is proud to provide quality products. The company stands firmly by the policy of “We will never sell anything that we would not buy ourselves.”


The commonalities of sisterhood created the brand, laughter enhanced it, and culture inspires it. Culture Approved produces unique, affordable products approved for the culture by the culture.

Our brand seeks to negate the negative and normative stereotypes of our communities  by celebrating and encouraging the uniqueness of the individuals within them.

Movements & Contributions:


As two Black woman starting our very first Black-owned business. #YAKWGOH ✔


#BlackMomsMatter Collection was our first collection launched in April of 2018. 


Our #BlackBoyJoy Collection was launched coinciding with the #BlackBoyJoy Retreat which is a globally-expanding annual event.  


We will forever celebrate the women that made us and make us. #SisterhoodMonth is an annual event that takes place every October in honor of the strength in sisterhood. 

#Leadership Achievement

We seek to grow daily in support of the leaders of today and tomorrow through encouragement, investment, and belief that our time to win is now! 

#Community Involvement

Community is the backbone that holds us all together. We will forever contribute to the communities which provide so much for us.

#Educational Advancement

As the great Malcom X once said, "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." Again in support of the future and present leaders we celebrate the desire, ambition, and commitment to achieve educational success.


Although much progress has been made, there is more to be made. We aspire to be the change we seek to see in this world by aligning with movements and individuals such as #BlackBoyJoy #BlackMomsMatter #SisterhoodMonth As we  begin where we are and do what we can, we hope to create major change in the world which we live.

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