Culture Approved is a brand that was created out of understanding our shared childhood experiences. Through fellowship we recognized the comedic similarities amongst our cultural sisterhood. Khala Pace and Corissa Redmond envisioned their brand in the summer of 2017 and were committed to launch by March 2018. Culture Approved demonstrates the ability to transform a dream into a reality. “Our brand is more than a short-term vision, it is our lives, and our futures.”


In addition to the foundational principles of humor, sisterhood, and culture which the brand is founded upon, Culture Approved is proud to provide quality products. The company stands firmly by the policy of “We will never sell anything that we would not buy ourselves.”


The commonalities of sisterhood created the brand, laughter enhanced it, and culture inspires it. Culture Approved produces unique, affordable products approved for the culture by the culture.

Khala Pace

Co-Founder, Executive Director of Programs 

Corissa Redmond

Co-Founder, Executive Director of Programs 

Our brand seeks to negate the negative and normative stereotypes of our communities  by celebrating and encouraging the uniqueness of the individuals within them.

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