4th of July Trip Pt.1️⃣

WOW is the best way to describe these days. Truly, honestly. Lemme tell you how much he devil despised my joy upon my arrival. TBH the first day was cool, got to spend quality time with my gran Gran and myosin Kennedy. The next day was the jab at my joy. Seriously took a stab at it but God blocked me from what could have been a major downfall on my day. Long story short, I was in Fast5. Fight or flight, I flew😂 family came through though. I’m truly grateful for the peace that surpasses all understanding bc after my cousins car was literally totaled, the day got better. I wasn’t attempting to entertain the idea that my day was trashed simply bc i didn’t want it to be. I went to the mall and got some glorious makeup for the humid weather in Ohio and proceeded to avoid firework shavings for the remainder of the evening. Thank you Lord, thank you for protecting myself and my family. Thank you for meaningful fellowship. I know my grandpa is proud of us for seeing each other outside of tragedies. It’s high time we celebrate life, eat good food, and truly get involved in each other’s affairs. After all, we are family. I’m so grateful for the hugs, laughs, and energy of those I love. I’m only halfway full, tomorrow I see my other half. Ye, overly juiced self can barely sleep. Tahhh, this time is going quickly but it’s so fulfilling. Thank you, I welcome this joy fully.

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