4th of July Trip Pt.✌🏾

These are some of my most favorite moments yet. I was the happiest woman in the room, every room I entered. All this joy! I’m truly fulfilled, thank you God for the opportunity to see those I love. My life is a shenanigan and nobody would believe me if they didn’t know me tbh. Thank God for non-judgmental love. I deff had a whole fit planned for after my hair appointment, I didn’t get around to it bc I was so present and relaxed therefore not motivated to do a wardrobe change. I love these moments, I was so comfortable and immersed in the presence of those I love, I didn’t think of how I looked or didn’t look. I was so happy✨ Although happiness is temporary and I know my depart is sooner rather than later, I cannot thank God enough for these moments. This is by far my best vacation this year, I haven’t felt this full since my bday last year tbh. It’s a different type of joy when you’re surrounded by those you love. I bottled it up and I’m taking this love with me wherever I go. I’m not sure when I’ll see everyone next but I’m confident that I will. We’ll have good news to share with each other since the last time we talked and we’ll laugh and embrace each other once again. Thank you friends, thank you family! Despite my tactics, complaints, and aggressive tendencies this vacation was a success. Thank you for fulfilling me with all that I needed, until next time which again i pray is soon. God really showed out when he blessed me with so many necessary individuals who’s love blesses me with all the happiness that a woman could ask for😌 I love forever and ever more😘

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