April 17, 2019

Finally a testimony that people can hear. Bless up for the pro,ones that God gives us. Bless up that he never leaves us nor forsakes us even when we forsake ourselves and our own natural desires. Even when I slowed back and began to give in on what I believed, God pulled through. Big man even sent me signs to keep going. This is probably the strongest my faith has been in a long time. I didn’t quite know how much longer this season of faith would last but good news seems to be coming just in time. Lord, you are good, you’ve been SO good. I cannot thank you enough God for all you’ve done for me. Truly continue to wow me by simply being. I continue to pray, “Thank you Lord for being who you are”, that’s it! Because God is good all by himself. His grace, love, peace, promises, and blessings are more than enough for me. Thank you merciful father simply keeping me, having purpose in my life and trusting me with gems. Eyes haven’t seem, ears haven’t heard, the world has yet to see what’s about to go down, thank you God. My whole soul says YESx400🙌🏾

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