April 23, 2019

White kids are funny lol. How you gone operate from privilege at such a young age. I know how, it’s rhetorical af. Anyways, I miss DJ. Funny story, I’m pretty positive I don’t know how to spell her name, never have, her name is digenn in my phone and a friend for life. I to,d somebody the other day that the friends I had my senior year of college I assumed would be my friends for life. I still believe that to be true, despite the distortion of the image, I believe everything attached to me wins. I may not receive everythib* I want when I want it but I refuse to believe that God brought me here to fail me. Continuously loosing myself of my selfish desires and asking, “Lord, what can I do to serve you?” I pray for clear understanding and relationships that will last a lifetime. I too want all the fruits of the spirit. God, i pray I’m not asking for too much.

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