April 25, 2019

I believe the children are our future however, these privileged children I’m honestly concerned for us all. A’Lease made it home safe and I’m grateful for God watching over her all the day long, not a scratch on her. Also if you disagree with me about educators not being challenged in the classroom don’t develop good teaching skills then that’s too bad. I know that my children will be challenging in the classroom, and although I want quality education I also want a teacher with some grit. Tell my son to sit down and say it with your whole chest. I thank God daily though that I’ll finish up this school year with some different challenges then how I started. Also grateful for the one Black girl that says hello to me every morning regardless of how annoying she can be. I’ve been asking God do use me and He has an assignment with my name on it. Thank you Lord for the more that you require of me. Give me the strength to overcome the challenges and believe that I am equip for everything that I am blessed with.

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