August 10, 2019

Lol at myself. I’m so tired and busy during the day I have no time for videos. I busted moves after work to get ready for this silent party which is actually joy for me but when I tell you took that humble seat on my couch. Could’ve taken me out but I admit, there’s not too much better than a silent party with my friend. Yah, God really keeps watch over his sheep bc I am truly the most unlucky and hard headed woman I know when it comes to driving in Oakland. He kept watch over the honky and I am at peace. Thank you CR for laughs and fun. So present I hardly took any vids. Oakland must do bette with the swag surf, I was truly dismayed and didn’t feel the energy of my ancestors lmfao. Prob the only thing I miss about OH and the whole Midwest is rye respect for the music I love. I rep both coast bc I literally can but I truly connect with that southern/ Midwest vibe. Idk what they be saying here lmfao as I type a whole Ebonics ahh sentence😂

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