August 11, 2019

I miss N so much. That’s the whole homie right there. But I need her job so thankful at the sane time lol. People are funny, especially Black people. This vid is officially one of my faves. Thank you Black America for simply being you. PS: ain no harder working generation than my mothers considering I’m still not sure what era that is lol. I bet my grandparents were the hardest workers of all, they sound like it. I’ve been talking to my uncle about them lately. They sound like some brutes😂 nah, the best part about this whole experience is by learning more about my family by simply asking the difficult questions, I’m learning more about me. Knowing yourself allows you to reflect on what you do not know as well weigh is I grow daily I promise to ask the difficult questions for the answers are necessary. Plus I stay ready, I rather be the one that makes everyone uncomfortable can I was born ready. Sike nah but I marinate and I cook. Simple as that, and sometimes I like to use a family recipe but I have to know where it comes from. This cooking analogy is definitely a keeper✔️

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