August 17, 2019

Today I got furniture!! So boom, I smooth don’t have the resources to furnish my apartment, till this day tbh. The car could only be loaded with so many things tbh and I just don’t have the financial resources, myself nor my parents, nor my family tbh but when I tell you that I know a God that abides by his word. He knows the plans he had for me when my family lived in NC and blessed the Pace’s with the provision of a praying church family. Years later, I’m relocating to SC and the pastor and wife of the church that we used to attend has furniture for me!! Y’all, I just...HE DID IT AGAIN!!! When I tell you, you don’t know, you just don’t know because he continues to work ALL things out for the good of those who worship him. I am so grateful Lord God, how great are your works. Before I was formed in the womb you knew me. Thank you is not enough. Thank you to my best and my longest friend SL for getting bit up by mosquitos with us to furnish my apartment. Thank you M&T for the same and doing your best to give me the best. As I lay down to sleep in the cool air of this home, I give it all back to you. To you Lord I give all the honor, glory, and praise. YOU did it...again😭🙌🏾

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