August 20, 2019

It’s so hot here. SO HOT. Lawd. T left today, M leaves tomorrow and I just...ima deff need some time to myself as I adjust. They’re so good to me and yes because they’re my parents but I’m grownt tbh they didn’t have to give so much of their resources to ensure that I have a good transition. Like we not all going different places. Lord, I pray for a selfless heart to do unto others as you do for us. I just love a good morning bop, it makes me whole day flow. Tee, first day was solid btw. Just so hot, it’s a transition as well. Acclimating to the southern end HBCU ways. It’s not shade, I just haven’t formed my opinion yet. I’m so grateful to be at a Historically Black College however, it’s an honor. I’m also learning to slow down mentally and physically. Everything that is meant to be will be.

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