August 23, 2019

Did I mention I love Chance as much if not more than Migos? I LOVE CHANCE. My soul is 4, 14, and 24 on any given day. I love a little pop owt lmfao. I felt old and exhausted but I am glad that I went. Its so different ans strange and a huge contrast I am started to recognize between my undergraduate experience and my grad school life. Other than I'm grownt(: I missed my friends today, we would have been in an event like that cutting up. && I love to talk! Idk if God is saying "Talk less, smile more" or simply "Be quiet" lol. I really would look over my shoulder like no friends to chat with? Not yet is probably what the clearest message yet. They wrapped up #OITNB strong, I'm proud. Cheers to no new friends!

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