August 6, 2019

Today wasn’t easy. I’m not the best at suppressing and putting off how I feel. Typically when I feel so,w type of way, I just do! I don’t hide it very well or “act” like I’m better than I am. I can function but I cannot lie to myself about how I feel. I was heavy. Thank God for taking all that I cannot carry. Tony was joy, his family is peace. I just..knowing the joy that I receive from his presence and spirit is divinely appreciated. I have never worked with an autistic child before. I have never felt the joy of Black boys either. Even in this moment and with this day being challenging for me, I believe that this was a part of his plan. Lord, please hear me now. I do not know how to accomplish this vast list of To-Do’s, please direct my steps to accomplish what YOU need me to do because clearly I’m taking on more than I should. Amen

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