Baby Shower at the Park

Updated: Jul 13, 2019


We are contacting you in regards to our upcoming event, Baby Shower at the Park on June 30th from 1-4 pm.

Our Why:

1 out of every 5.3 residents in Oakland, California live in poverty. In fact Oakland’s poverty rate is considered to be one of the highest when compared to other cities in California. The effects of poverty are felt greatly by the children that live in this city. The reality of the situation is that the poverty rates for the youth in Oakland is seen as “the most undesirable for the future of the community.” Nursery School children have a poverty rate of 20.8% and elementary school children have a poverty rate of 30%. The bottom line is this, the community needs help, and that’s exactly what we plan on giving it.

In the midst of Mother’s and Father’s Day seasons, we celebrate the influence of the parents that raised us. For this reason and in this season, we seek to provide a little help for those in need. We invited the community to attend a free event located at Mosswood Park on June 30th from 1-4 pm. Here, we will be providing free baby supplies (newborn-4 years old).

Baby Shower in the Park will be a day where we are able to serve the parents and the children in our community. But just like the community needs help we also need assistance to do so. We are collecting physical donations at Parks Chapel A.M.E. Church, Tuesday-Thursday from 10:30 am-2:00 pm. At the following link we are accepting monetary donations:

We are asking for donations of items from the following list in order to assist with lessing some of the burdens that parents in this city feel. Any and all support is much appreciated!

Supply List:

Baby clothes (Newborn to 5 years old)

Breast pumps

Bottles/ formula

Sippy Cups

Car seats

Cribs/ Bassinets

Diapers (newborn-4 years old)




Together we can and will do so much!

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