#BlackBoyJoy Retreat

What can I say is "Jesus did it!" -Tasha Cobbs voice cuz...Lordt, thank you God. I am beyond grateful to simply be available and obedient to this calling. This was larger, better, and more impactful than I could have ever imagined. Lord, you ALLOWED this to happen and I cannot thank you enough. Please understand that this barely had anything to do with me down to the videos that were taken for this vlog! Thank you to the many moving parts that created a whole. I can’t and I worm sit at the table that God has provided for us all and eat alone. I wouldn’t have even believed that a table was available for me had I not seen God work in others. All I ask if for this to be known, that I, Khala Pace simply said Y.E.S! Honestly, I cannot thank God enough. Now I rest until the next move or the next request from the Lord. I’m truly exhausted but I know joy and energy are but a nap away. What’s crazy is I’m excited for next year. We making a documentary at some point. God, thank you. I’m still saying Y.E.S! This was necessary and I’m so grateful to be used to perform your works.

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