February 19, 2019

I gave A’lease the works today. She deserved to be pampered and I’m grateful. Today was all around blessed. I feel myself coming out of a sunken spell. I feel better, so much better and tomorrow I’m ranting about it. Not just to tell you all how good God is but to remind myself and anyone else that forgot that we do not have the power to rush life’s process. I’ve been making things a bit difficult for myself, I believe living beneath my purpose would be the proper church term. However, I’ve been trying to figure it all out by myself, asking God for minor things but not everything and that’s exactly what he desires of us. Will you trust Him with your all? The song “Oceans” was placed on my heart yesterday and I spoke to God about how I used to have faith where I could walk upon the waters wherever you would call me. When I tell y’all, I sang like a canary (A’lease also stands as my moving altar). Anyways, the point is...I’m back baby, I was never gone, I just had to realize who’s really in control and ask believing that it is being given unto me. Grateful for it all but at this moment, God being exactly who He is without all the drill lol bare face. Thank you God for your unchanging love💕

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