February 27, 2019

My finessing days are over. That’s that on that, it’s literally not in my nature. Regretting the stress I put on myself in a sense of know know not to do that again. This weekend Culture Approved will be represented at the Women Evolve Tour by Sarah Jakes-Roberts. Anybody who knows me knows I absolutely love her. I Ohan to see her this August and who knows, the way God works, I may be able to see her more. Today was weird but I’m glad to know of my anointing which I choose to take hold of. I was telling my sister L that was afraid to give my all because if I did and failed then that would be even harder to bare than a simple L. I realized that when I do that, not only am I doing myself an injustice for I’m limiting myself but I’m not bringing God the glory He deserves. I am perfect as I am, made in God’s image. When I try my hardest and give my all, I accessing my fullest potential as God created me to do. That understanding brings me so much peace. I rejoice for the capacity to learn and grow. Thank you God for creating me perfect as I am.

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