February 29, 2019

The gym music goin back to the 99’s, I’m impressed by whoever is on the aux. Thank God for music periodt actually because there’s a song for every mood. “You Will Win” was my song last year but I still stan. Today I called the school that offers the program that I’m most-interested in and she told me that my test scores must counter my GPA. I confess to feeling some doubt when hearing that and even now as I share but I will win. No obstacles can stand in the way of my destiny. I’m not just saying I’m working hard but I’m working hard, between studying, eating right, working out, and my walk with God. I am exhausted every evening.

Lord, please don’t let my commitments return to me void. I seek to hear your voice now and forever. Lead me to where you need me to go. Amen

**Excuse the impulsive prayer.

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