July 1, 2019

Black/ brown kids are easily my favorites of all time. They warm my whole heart. Every God’s dancer has a great hype man so excuse my excitement. The best is the confidence that our youth experience when they do what they love abc we support them in their pursuit. Dance on babies! Dance, sing, step, jump rope, swim, and so much more. They better remind us of who we were before the world got a hold of us and sprinkles doubt and fear into our minds. Tahh, so about this braid owt...it surpassed my greatest expectation. She looks good but more importantly, she looks happy. Nadia and I vibe off of extra and outlandish behavior. Please peep these shirts are going to be a splendor. I don’t think anyone’s ready tbh, not even us. Sub minus one day until vacation🙌🏾 #ThankYouLord

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