July 12, 2019

It weakens my soul to see black kids being themselves, unapologetically of course bc what they sorry for? Friday’s are for field trips🙃🙃 Went to a exploratory museum in SF. I was paired with some of the most awful of all lol but nah, pretty much all kids are awful I’m a sense of I not have the energy to meet you where you’re at but today, today I had time. Thank God for Kam, our co-supervision skills are bomb! Lmfao so many funnies, the best was when these twins from our program were found in the cafeteria with not enough money to get what they put on their tray😂 Thankfully, the best assistant supervisor ever shut it down but fr saved their tray. These kids will honestly tell you all you need to know about yourself, take your last drop of energy, and grow your patience to levels you never knew it could reach.i thank God for them, especially Black boys😭👏🏾 I’ve grown to love in a new way. As normal Friday’s have become, I still need my rest. Tomorrow is #SelfcareSaturday and chileee, when I tell you I’m ready.

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