July 20, 2019

Last field trip for the summer, the typically horrifying water park. Today it was pure bliss, as you see N&I loved the day. It was honestly the most relaxed I’ve been in a while, mind and body were in alignment and felt little to no worry. Amen? Cuz that becomes more rare than it needs to be at times. Thank you kam for the mini photo shoot with one of my faves. Love my sisters through and through. Thank you God for this summer, for allowing me to meet some amazing kids and their families. Hopeful that the laughter made up for the complaining. Truly a blessing that I’m grateful to have been a part of. Until next time Oakland Freedom Schools✔️

I honestly forgot I did all this stuff on this day😂 the longest day ever tbh but I’m grateful. So ignore the date, I confess to rushing. Dancing is joy, no surprise Uncle Alan loves it just as much as N&I. Truly exhausted after the Freedom Schools but so grateful to spend the evening with family. PS: I think I’m officially ready to leave this state because God revealed to me parts of Sf that are enjoyable today. Somet8,Ed I forget to be grateful in every way, everyday😌

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