June 12, 2019

Today was hysterical. The fact that I began my day with O.GG is just a sneak of how much I allowed God to handle all things above me. This is energy year of releasing any and everything that I do not need to carry. Thanking God that He can handle the kid because I’m excessive and annoying yet aware and a light. All praises go up because YA GIRL WENT ON A DATE TONIGHT👏🏾 I’m mostly excited for me because honestly, she’s come a mighty long way. I was as cute as a gumdrop and so happy tonight, I cannot even with myself. I mean I’ll be😂 thank you friend for easing my anxieties, I deserve to smile, laughing is keeping me young. This is MY season and I’m taking back everything that’s mine. The movie was trash btw, maybe I’ll release my control and allow somebody else to pick the next time🙃

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