June 20, 2019

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Music smooth brings our people together and I won’t argue it at all. Lol never did Nadia and i ever have a whole concert in the car though. Tee, it’s splendid when your music choices connect you in a deeper way. Come through childhood memories. I’m excited bc I added some bangers for the #BlackBoyJoy Retreat in August. Also why’d I get a random call that some men had my bag from the car break-in. God is great, a kind man from my families church went and retrieved it and I found the most random items inside. Long story short, God knew I wasn’t tripping about tripping about the window too much, that was just annoying. What I valued is my few items especially my “Because of them we can” backpack. Literally have had that since college, it means a lot and clearly is sturdy lol. I’m grateful, now my date did not get his items back but when this lil check from the the insurance it’s his, I got everything I wanted back tbh which is mainly my bag and I’m so grateful! Lord, thank you so much for placing your loving hand of protection over everyone involved and a full on smile today, I these moments. Normalizing a mood of gratitude is challenging but worth every moment of peace. Although a simple mentality, this belief is one of value much more than any other, as a living testimony tbh, I wouldn’t start thinking different if I didn’t see different miracles working in my life. Amen, I’ll be washing my bag before it’s next use😌

PS: booking the AirBnb for the girls trip THIS WEEK👏🏾

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