June 21, 2019

There’s not too much better than Friday, all by itself. Friday’s are for whoever wants to adjust their attitude and make rhetoric day as wonderful as they want it to be. Whoever wants to use power of den mind and tell their body that it’s awake and ready to enjoy the one day on the weekend that you can actually enjoy and with no major responsibilities on the next day. Staying out on Saturday night/ Sunday morning never sits well with my conscious. I be like “church or turn up” because honestly both is not likely. Anyways, today was cool. Friday’s are field trip days to the Oakland Freedom Schools and in the past the most stressful day of the week, hence my edible adjustment lol. This Friday I did not indulge and I made it but I was grumpy as a warthog. Had to renew my body and mind with a shower and wardrobe change. Spent the evening with oh boy and met some cool people. I’m most excited and truly look forward to discussions and debates in grad school. I need to learn to really accept difference in opinions as well as grow my mindset by being open to others opinion. Lol the Kanye discussion was my fave tonight. I realized I’m a true fan and that’s a controversial topic right there. Anyways, I’m learning to debate like a true professional and that’s impressive. Thank you Lord bc I’m pretty sure I was that emotional child that cannot handle disputes with the others kids but as an adult I’m growing and learning daily and for that I am grateful😌 #HappyFriday

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