June 22, 2019

Yayyyyy Nadia🎉

I’m always rooting for M and N individually, in person, via social media, through group texts, by word of mouth. I love my sisters so you can only imagine the honor I felt when N invited me to go with her to get her nose pierced. We all did it, got some sort of piercing when we turned 18. Myah and Nadia went with the nose, I did my belly button. So Gangx3 it is! I’m grateful for radiant skin and natural sunlight. Today was splendor especially concluding it with a beautiful view. I’ll watch my vlogs over and over again when I move, I feel closer to the sun here and warm from Roth’s inside out plus the view is spectacular. There’s much peace when you express your most pressing thoughts. Literally, say what’s on your mind. I’ll either erupt or implode if I don’t personally so I can’t speak for everyone but this evening Nadia and I had a real talk and I shared with her how all my real friends have seen me cry and that vulnerability is significant to me. To be fully who I am is important to me. Withholding nothing and presenting myself whatever space I am in is major in my life. God is great for blessing me with a few people I feel comfortable around to do this. For me, it’s suffocating to continuously put on masks to conform to those around me and make them feel comfortable. You couldn’t tell but today was a little tough to get in the spirit of being emotionally and physically available for someone else. Like most people, I just want to be myself, emotions are a part of the deal. I figured I wouldn’t be so abnormal if more people were comfortable with their emotions and best believe I’m not advanced. I just realize I’m not the only one that doesn’t feel like they can be who they want to be all the time. I’m growing to get there, fully presenting myself despite who I’m around. If anything I pray I’m respected on another level for simply being me. Allowing my light to shine and giving others permission to do the same is she energy I’m going for and my prayer for us all. What a smooth Saturday😌

Oh and I’ll always love Kodak, my music will never make sense, and joy should be celebrated sooo be happy I’m happy lol. You would be if you knew all that I’ve gone through to get here. Also my makeup was subtle but splendid, all blessings go up!

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