June 28, 2019

Field trips give me the stress of 1000 sons but today wasn’t horrible, stressful, but not horrible. I was truly tuckered by noon tbh. Lunch was a joke but an abundance of food so bless up. A whole potluck. The Freedom School parents come through! I feel as though these days go quickly so I have to really embrace the sentimental moments, blessings, or when things simply go as I want them to. Nonetheless, today went nothing like I expected and it was still good. Also secured some hair products and that’s all the more splendid. All my errands were achieved and I was fed fully from a potluck full of surprise dishes. Lord, you are good even when I let myself down lol. I gotta chill on the self-discipline with myself. I real life be on my own neck like God isn’t in control. Like the verse, “A man’s heart devise to his way, but the Lord directeth his steps.” Provers 16:9 So God’s got me even when I don’t got myself.

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