March 11, 2019

The final hairstyle that I decided on was the 1, it will never be referred to as a 2, ever. Chili chili chile, I struggled through all week dreading taking that practice test. Literally woke up this morning like “do you know what today is?” I mean hype yourself when no one else will. I did fine, glad I did it. Even more grateful to be maturing spiritually and gaining some respect for the storms that God allows me to go through. I feel like when we are most sure of ourselves, you might as well declare you’re the greatest of all time because every force in the universe will try you. I know I’m not the only one that finally experiences blessed assurance to get it tried more than expected. Producing what seems like unnecessary questioning but what’s crazy is according to Revelations 3:7, I feel confident enough to say “Try me, God‘s in control.” No man can close the doors that God opens, that includes myself. Despite my doubts, fears, and even procrastination. The portal is ready, beam me up God. I’m pursing my purpose. Definitely adding W.A.Y.S. to my playlist because I must. I gotta keep going, I have more to do.

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