March 14, 2019

Enjoying my last day before I return to work an actual job. I’m grateful for these days. Realizing how important it is for me to express my gratitude fully tell. I am SO grateful. Two days off of work when I needed it most, thank you. I realize I fell off after my therapy session, hence the much needed talk with God. To be discussed tomorrow. I’m most grateful for some sort of understanding and more and more daily, I’m not receiving too kick but just what I need. Although I have been asking for specific clarity in certain areas, I’m glad he’s revealing to me all that I need to know right now.i trust that to be true. Oh and I know my music makes no sense and I’ve been listening to crazy stuff lately, may be another reason why my spirit has been restless, but this no secular music is going to be a breeze. I did it last summer without being asked, I can do it again.

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