March 16, 2019

I decided do start opening up more again, maybe I never did like I thought because this is unfamiliar. I swear I used to overshare but maybe that’s on topics that I feel most comfortable. Who knows but I am grateful for this day. Fought the dispensary temptation and spent some much needed time with a friend. I hate to express my desires with the fear that they won’t happen. I’ve been burnt a lot, it hurts. Excuse me while I grow my faith. Corissa, I love you and to all my other friends that accept me as I am, answer my random calls, read my paragraph text, and love me unconditionally. You are appreciated💕PS: As disappointing as it is, it’s a perk that my skin responds well to pink. I’m grateful do sunlight and everlasting melanin pops. There’s truly nothing like the natural blessings of the world.

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