March 2, 2019

Today was crazy blessed. I, still on the fact that I met an alumni from BGSU also glad I actually had a good college experience because I cared enough to mention it twice😂 Something is happening that I can’t explain but I can feel God working. I’m walking by faith and so truly grateful for it all. So boom, I say i want a button in support of the teachers on strike, I receive a button for the freezy, i meet a teacher that’s a BGSU Alum, and the teachers may have received some of their demands! It’s too lit, update on the gains btw I gained everything that I lost since becoming a vegetarian, next weigh in next month. Keeping any and all slander about others bodies to myself, I think my generation has a representative for all body types but I’m on my own body goals sooo. Today was great, I’m happy to be happy. Thank you God for all you’ve done for me✨

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