March 8, 2019

My music choices will never have a pattern so don’t expect one. It’s all for my own happiness in whatever form. Being in consistent good spirits is a bit scary which is unfortunate. My normal should be joy but I’m getting there daily. I’m most grateful for God’s consistency. He did say he would never leave us nor forsake us so even when I don’t want to talk to him, He’s there and willing to listen. Lately, I’ve been full of thirst to talk to God. Becoming more and more comfortable with Him is good so that I will feel strength as I share my testimony with others. I began being transparent to counter negative behaviors such as dishonesty but I gradually retreated into a place where I only spoke to God. I believe it’s time for me to speak up again. That’s how connections are formed and loneliness is no longer acceptable. So that being said, I’m forcing myself to create a new call day schedule this weekend. I need that, I value that connection to the reliable relationships of those I love💕

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