March 9, 2019

I realized today that I was getting Kodak and Smurda’s charges mixed up. Still support his grind but I will not be attending the concert lol. Today was good, still working on allowing my joy to flow. I just don’t want to scare anybody tbh. It is so much different from my sadness that I’m simply not trying to come off as too much. When I’m happy, I feel peace. I just feel like it’s more natural to slowly ease into it versus abruptly becoming happy one day when the next day I may experience something sad. Yes, today was good, I’m grateful. Spent a lot of my morning with God which is bringing enough more peace than I can even explain. I’m very grateful for that. Like I said yesterday, I have a strong desire to speak to Him lately, it makes me feel better to place my desires at His feet early in my day. He wants me to talk to Him and not begin my day carrying extra baggage. Thank you God for being perfect enough to carry what I cannot handle.

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