May 14, 2019

What a full day of joy including blessed gospel music, a child’s smile, and the most-fulfilling #BlackBoyJoy. All of which I will forever be grateful for. Who would have thought that I could be so fulfilled with joy that I have never felt before. I’ve often thought that you will receive joy from the same glasses that have either lured into you or that you have poured into but what I’m learning is that abundance comes from all directions. Baby girl gave me a pure laugh today, Tony keeps me young, gospel music makes my spirit sing and I have to thank God for it all. It can be hard sometimes to recognize these seemingly small blessings because they’re unexpected but gratitude keeps my heart in check. Lastly, I haven’t heard “It ain’t over” in over a decade but it came just in time. God, you intention Is clear, you’re not finished with whatever it is that you have prepared for me. I pray for the strength to trust this prices as I put all my faith in you Lord. I pray for reassurance as you continue to work in my life. Show me what you have for me, guide me on the straight and narrow and reveal to me what is and is not for my life. If it isn’t over then give me the strength to carry on because to be honesty I’m T-I-RED but I believe in signs of all kinds so today I believe this is one that I should not ignore. God, you have my attention and you have my attention. I believe something major is on the way.

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