May 15, 2019

It’s okay to break these so called traditions or norms especially if they’re no longer effective. I will not argue at all but I especially won’t argue with those who have no facts to back up there opinion. If you can’t give me a purpose then we need not chat. I’m feeling some type of way for two reasons: if you enjoy the arms of cannabis that much, invest in becoming the first weed car air freshener. Better yet, create something that will mask the smell of weed from your vehicle, now that is genius because that’s for sure a sticker especially with luxurious light-skinned cloth seats🙄 And 2) why am I acting like I just Siri 3 jobs. I trust that multiple streams of income is destined for me so it’s prob preparing me for the greater to come. I accept abs am also grateful that this is seasonal work meaning, in this season, I work as much as I need for this will not be permanent. I thank God for the ability, will , and understanding that this is a prerequisite, a prep course, and an appetizer. COME THROUGH MAIN COURSE. I may be a fake vegetarian but I can eat👏🏾🤗 Thank God for this revelation and one more time fora day I want to complain...thank you Lord for provision. Please continue to guide me in wisdom. It’s pure love on the most grace-filled learning curve✔️

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