May 18, 2019

Kk so this day was spectacular. Compiling the events was intelligent so bless all the way up. I’m joyful just thinking about these memories. I was basically worried about things that clearly did not deserve my peace and it was quickly revealed. Joy was destined for me this day and I thank God for friendships, sunshine, and income to support these moments. Nadia loved the music and at one point I had the east and west pleased. It’s hard to find music for everybody especially if you’re from different parts of the US but I think for not having a playlist and just winging it, I’ll go down in history. Also they arrived ON TIME. She didn’t get to take pics but she didn’t care lol. After CR and I dropped the children, when I tell you we scadaddled tf on to live OUR best life? We‘re here for tourist events. They didn’t treat us with the respect that we deserved but we’ll be back af. Although tired, I certainly have no regrets and I’m so very grateful to put aside whatever to cheer for whoever. 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾 that’s mine, Khala Pace said it first. no cap without credit please✨ Oh and the kids had fun, although our household was mainly concerned about nadia, I think they young mans suit turned out better than all any of my anxieties would allow. It was a blessing to simply be a part of the process. Nadia looked like a treasure, honestly though. She was an elegant lily lol. Again, I’m just grateful to have been a part of the process. Sheesh, I’m crying like never before at her graduation. Coming home makes me feel like I’m raising her😩 surely no shade. It’s just once you’re involved with anyone, it’s hard not to form an attachment and this is my youngest sis, my shrem life liver, Bruno Mars lover, and my energy keeper. We’re so similar it’s frightening, good thing we have myah to provide voice of reason to break up the shenanigans lol. Also huge shoutout to Corissa the photographer and my parents for birth and financing this whole prom extravaganza. Nadia and I decided that the whole event in itself is overrated and is definitely not worth the stress. But everybody should go at least once❣️Again, thank you God. I’m so grateful to be a part of these moments. I see you being intentional or whatever🙌🏾

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