May 1, 2019

Updated: May 6, 2019

Thank God for friendship, my hair is complete👏🏾 I was forced to watch what she meant to be Homecoming but due to ignorance it was not translated as such . Anyone who knows me well knows I love women, I support us in all ways, always however I do not play when it comes to ignorance. Htmsctming is ignorant to me as well as franchising off of NPHC culture which I’m sorry friend, Bey knows nothing about other than through word of mouth. Ode to us, thank you, she had NPHC members in her hive doesn’t make it okay either. That part could have easily been Greeks only but I’ll big digress and simply be grateful that we have such strong influences in our society that care about cultures and even sub cultures which I identify with. Bath was a fail btw, the water was as cold as ice lol. Praying for continuous abundance and peace throughout this week.

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