May 21, 2019

I go from writing a half book to really having nothing to say. This day was cool, long but cool. I haven’t basked in the sunset in a while so thank you God for a brief peep today. I’ll make that a priority this week. Also the mural in San Mateo is coming along beautifully. Ha, I almost forgot to address the video... L and I love jokes, I have a note in my phone just of links to funnies. 9/10 they will bring a smile to my face. Just dumb stuff that gives me true weakness in my back. I mean the internet is already full of a few snickers but I’m tryna laugh laugh like laugh a good one and watch it again and do it all over. It’s for my humor, not anyone else’s lol. It’s a filtered internet access and a form of self-care, I love it. The first video to begin the day was my latest addition lol.

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