May 4, 2019

After a very long, exhausting, and petty week I conclude with this. First a wax that took my whole soul out of my body and then a cancelled flight with no hopes of recovery. I’m upset and annoyed, what’s worse is my flight being cancelled wasn’t the only bad news I received today. If I have learned nothing else over these last few years I have learned that joy always comes in the morning! I accept mine not just in this moment but always. This sucks to say the very least. I was really looking forward to a weekend of pure Tom foolery but God needs me home for whatever reason and I’m grateful to simply be. I’m getting up in the morning and adjusting my budget and basking in gratitude like I have been and awaiting, anticipating the more do come. I’ve always thought that i want to be that God-fearing Christian but some day. All that i have gone through i could not help but to draw closer and closer to God. He’s always been there for me whenever I needed him. As I finally feel as though I can close end a chapter in my life I begin another by saying Lord, you are STILL good and I thank you for all you have done and will do for me. Greater is still coming, thank you Lord!

PS: my testimony is good, great even. I’m sharing it daily by simply saying yes! Stay very tuned I promised God I would not keep in how good he’s been to me.

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