"Nah, you ain't Black."

“What?!? You haven’t seen Friday? Oh, you’re not black!” “How can you not like hammocks and oxtails?!, Nah, you ain’t black.” How many times have we either heard or said similar statements? Why is it that we are constantly trying to quantity each others blackness, continually comparing one another to judge if someone is to “black enough.”

Where live in a society where we are striving everyday as black people and people of color to hold, and create authentic and genuine spaces of freedom. We are fighting the conforming nature of western society by unapologetically embracing our culture and our people. In a world where the suicide rates for black children are twice as high as that of white children, where black men are seen as predators, and black women are objectified and commodified because of their physicalities, the last thing we need to be doing as a people is boxing out our own.

What would happen if we truly fully embraced the plurality of our people? The naime kids, the vegans, the ones the prefer Beethoven over Biz Markie, even the ones who haven't seen any of the Friday movies, and don’t eat hammocks and oxtails. We need to collapse this "Black Box," and learn how to embrace all forms of our cultures and communities, which is exactly what Culture Approved is about. Culture Approved is dedicated to changing the way in which designate blackness by completely eliminating the prerequisites. So once again, allow us to reintroduce ourselves: We are Culture Approved and here we seek to negate the negative and normative stereotypes of our communities by celebrating and encouraging the uniqueness of the individuals within them, and we are very excited to be here!

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